Building capacity in Texas schools for the provision of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to all students

About TBS

Texas Education Agency
Education service centers (ESCs) provide state leadership for special-education-related functions. Each lead ESC is responsible for establishing and coordinating a 20-region network to ensure ongoing communication among ESCs about state-level needs assessment processes, planning, and implementing and evaluating statewide activities.

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Texas Behavior Support (TBS) Network
The goal of the Texas Behavior Support (TBS) Network is to create a system of PBIS for students with disabilities and all students attending Texas public schools.  Although the original focus of TBS was to support the behavior needs of students with disabilities, it quickly became evident in examining the newly expanding PBIS model that in order to address the needs of children in special education, prevention interventions had to be implemented for all students.  Therefore, the TBS Network adopted PBIS as its philosophical foundation and supports all three tiers of the model, including school-wide and classroom.